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Services at LuxBay

Listing Side:

  • Excellent Media with Drone Footage/ iGUIDE/ Customized Lifestyle Videos.
  • Social Media presence with Instagram/Facebook and Linkedin
  • Paid for targeted Social Media campaigns and print advertising
  • Floor Plans/ Technical Drawings
  • Local Legal Counsel contacts for International and Domestic listings.
  • Staging and Interior Design consultations with the experts.
  • CMA and local marketing expertise to position your listing for optimal sale.
  • Loading of all listings onto TRREB (Toronto Regional Real Estate Board) and SGBAR (Southern Goergian Bay Association of Reatlors)

Buyer Side

  • Guided Tours in the country of your choice in markets where our affiliates are stationed.
  • Email drips that keep you abreast of all new listing activity
  • Customized search engines to send you listings in your area with added benefit of Buyer side knowledge and local pricing.
  • Negotiating prowess to help you seal the deal in a heated market in multiple offer situations.
  • Experience in local areas and local contacts to keep you informed of the local business and real estate climate.
  • Video Chat.

Rental Market

  • Listing and Buy side rentals and luxury rental drips and services.
  • Concierge service for our Luxury Rentals that is customizable to max out your investment property income
  • Rental Property Platform in both international and domestic areas that LuxBay specializes in
  • Vetting of Rental clients for a smooth experience and assurance that your home will be well looked after during and after each rental period.